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Pellet Mill Magazine's: 2018 Editorial Outlook
Wednesday, October 18, 2017 | 2:00 PM CDT
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Tim Portz
Vice President of Content & Executive Editor
Pellet Mill Magazine
John Nelson
Sales & Marketing Director
Pellet Mill Magazine

Designed specifically for marketing, sales and business development professionals working to increase and maintain their company’s visibility and sales in the biomass power and heat, biogas, advanced biofuels and pellet industries, this webinar will provide a fast moving and informative 30-minute overview of the biomass industry’s most widely read bi-monthly print publication, Pellet Mill Magazine.

You’ll Learn:
  • How the magazine addresses the industry’s most pressing issues and news through a fast-moving overview of the magazine and its mainstay components and sections. Every other month, readers of Pellet Mill Magazine hear from the industry's most important association voices, get the latest industry news and business briefings, and depend on featured articles and contributions covering the most relevant topics in the sector.
  • How to leverage our topic specific content during an overview of Pellet Mill Magazine’s 2018 Editorial Calendar. Organized thematically the 2018 editorial calendar is a careful assembly of the industry’s most compelling topics.
  • How the magazine is paired with important annual industry events in a run-down of the title’s 2018 bonus distributions.
  • Specifics about Pellet Mill Magazine’s producer centric subscriber base through a comprehensive overview of Pellet Mill Magazine’s current reach and readership demographics.